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UNIQUE INFOSERVE a business development company in Chennai. We encompasses a wide scope of ideas, activities and management implement with the goal of making the business better. "LET'S DO BUSINESS TOGETHER" approach is direct and honest, can signal your confidence in the value of your service or product. We help our clients to achieve greater efficiency and flexiblity.

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We offer a wide range of marketing and Business development services for businesses of all sizes. From sole traders, small, or medium to large businesses, our team of qualified, professional Business development executive can help you with the burden of financial management. "People don't believe what we tell them. They rarely believe what we show them but they always believe what they tell themselves". our team of Business development executives are fully qualified and committed to what they do. Our executives are likely to work closely with other employees in area such as wholesaler, dealer, production, sales and distribution. As an independent firm, we rely on our reputation for excellence and all our clients receive the same dedicated service. We also understand that some marketing services aren’t just about finances. We can help with probate and estate administration sensitively and with tact.

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Rather than going after people's wallets consider going after thier hearts.Business growth can come from adding value to every relationship, with propesctive customers and existing customers. We can add value by providing information and Knowledge. By being an advisor, by obsessing and customers right both before and after the sales and by reputation for great execution and white glore services. We can also provide advice if you’re looking to start-up or expand your business.


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I dont know what would you do without unique infoserve. Their expertise and knowledge of payroll system and processing has solved and saved clients with untold amount of money
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